“In the past, we have seen our margins erode as more national players have opened or purchased facilities in our area. We feel we have been competing on an uneven playing field. ANS has given us the leverage of a larger organization to help with margins and product opportunities. ANS has given us the outlook for a better future for our family owned business.”
Kevin Walsh
Trinity Wholesale Distributors, Inc.
New Haven, IN

“ANS is best described as ‘The Next Generation of Family Owned Business’. ANS provides the solution to the competition puzzle. We will remain viable into tomorrow. ANS is the answer to corporate consolidation because it is the exact opposite. The branch operations own the corporate center, and because we own it and we remain in control. In the end, that is what the entrepreneur needs to serve his customers.” 
Dave Wameling
Sunrise Building Supply 
Marcy, NY

“What has ANS done for me? Very simple, it boils down to just a few things. Survival in today’s market place requires better purchasing methods and rebates; better purchasing relates to more sales and better rebates and improved margins to the bottom line. The opportunity to collaborate with fellow shareholders in solving problems is a big plus. The professional staff at ANS keeps everything running very smoothly. Would I invest again? Yes sir. It pays dividends every day and they are the best vendor I’ve got.”
Gary Lytle
Sibco Building Products
Dayton, OH 

“Authority National Supply continues to play a key role in our success here at Complete Supply, Inc. ANS has the ability to combine the purchases of all of its Members in order to better negotiate and reduce our cost to enable us to compete with the large National chains. Not only does this reduce costs but also has helps us obtain products and services that otherwise would be unavailable to us. They are truly the only answer to ensure independent distribution will be around in the future due to the heavy market consolidation taking place in our industry.”
Eric Meinke
Complete Supply, Inc.
Willowbrook, IL

“As an independent, one of the key components to our survival has been our ability to buy right. Authority National Supply gives us this ability by negotiating with the manufacturers and truly leveraging the ANS group, as one collective voice. This has been a big win for us as the margin pressures in our market have never been more challenging. Also, operationally, the ANS team and the centralized purchasing model has been fantastic and a snap to use!” 
David Kapsner
North Country Distributors
Osseo, MN

“Since partnering with Authority National Supply two years ago, the benefits have made us competitive with the national chain competitors and big box stores. It is so nice not having to give up my margins just to get the job.”
Barney Hite
R. J. Wholesale, Inc.
Liberty, MO